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Today we’re excited to introduce you to Janet West, M.D. and her concierge pediatrics practice – RVA Baby. RVA Baby focuses exclusively on newborns and helps you and your family during those first few months after you bring home your baby. She conducts well-visits in your home, answers all of your questions and provides holistic, top-quality newborn medical care.  Read on to learn more about Janet and RVA Baby.

Describe your business?

RVA Baby is a pediatric practice that exclusively provides care for newborns at home. Our mission is to provide family centered newborn care in a safe, supportive environment so that new moms and babies don’t have to travel back and forth to a physician office in the first few weeks after the birth of a new baby.

How long have you been open?

RVA Baby was born 12/16/2016, we have been seeing patients for about 1 month.

What’s your favorite part about being a small business owner?

Having the autonomy to be as creative and daring as I care to be. I get to own the successes and the failures, which I find exciting. I also like being a part of the RVA small business community. It’s supportive no full of innovative and interesting people.

What is your biggest challenge right now? How do you hope to overcome it?

My biggest challenge is patient acquisition. Getting the word out! I am networking at local hospitals and meeting with folks in the local birthing community. I also have someone managing my social media – which has been a huge boost! I am just starting to get inquiries from people I am not directly connected with. But I know that it’s just a matter of time before RVA Baby really takes off. I can’t wait until my biggest challenge is scaling up!

What are three random facts about you?

I love to cook. And I think I’m good at it. My alter ego wants to own a food truck.
I listen to Podcasts constantly – solely for entertainment.
Writing an autobiography is on my bucket list

Aside from your business, what are you most passionate about?

Kids. Advocating for all children is my passion. You can just see the potential in their little faces.

What’s your favorite thing about RVA?

Food. There is good food everywhere here!

Best place to have coffee or meet a client and why?

Ellwood Thompson because I can walk from home and they have awesome breakfast bowls. Although as I am writing this, I’m sitting in Sugar & Twine – this might become my new favorite spot.

One office supply or biz tool you can’t live without and why?

My Apple Watch because I can manage notifications and calls without having to juggle a phone.

Favorite Richmond neighborhood and why?

The Fan, because I can walk just about any place. The museum, to restaurants, Carytown and grocery stores.

What else would you like to share about yourself, your business or life in general?

I like working with non-profits. I plan to partner with some local community groups to help provide support for families that might not otherwise be able to afford RVA Baby services.

My business is my baby.
I am going to be a grandmother soon – Yay!

Want to learn more?

Visit RVA Baby online or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.