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I have a confession.  This is my first blog post.  In fact, I rarely read blogs.  So, when Stinson mentioned I might want to write a blog post to announce my arrival at Linden Legal Strategies, I thought, “How in the world am I going to do that?”  “Aren’t blog posts for bloggers?” “I’m not a blogger.”  “Oh, dear.”  “Yikes.”  So, after working some things out on few long morning walks around Richmond and reading up on blog posts I am sitting down to write.  Here’s what I would like you to know.

I’ll start with the personal:  I have a wonderful, supportive, and patient husband who keeps me firmly planted on the ground as I chase down my new ideas for all the things every day and for whom I am truly grateful.   I have an almost 4-year-old son who amazes me and is teaching me more than I will ever teach him.  I’m obsessed with all things interior design including “shelter” magazines.  I am constantly renovating or redecorating houses and rooms in my head.  I love to dance.  I also love to dig in the dirt.  Injuries and age have knocked me out of the running game and I am learning to embrace (fast-ish) walking as means to clear my head, get in shape and listen to various podcasts including Masterpiece Theatre, How I Built This, and The Next Tuesday Podcast.  I’m a sucker for a golden retriever.  I like the Oxford comma.  I will ignore your calls and texts if I am watching any sort of British period drama.  Chocolate is my love language.  I truly believe you can never have enough black dresses in your closet or hydrangea in your yard.  Don’t get me started on shoes.  I always have time for friends (except when watching my British period dramas – see above).

Now for the professional:  I am a former ICU nurse.  I practiced in the cardiac intensive care unit at Duke before changing course and heading to law school down the road at UNC -Chapel Hill.  Though I have been practicing law for over fifteen years, nursing never left me, nor I it.  The tending to others, the empathy, the focus on preventing rather than reacting to problems is part of who I am.  Nursing is in my soul. Because of this, If we meet, and you are sick or coming down with something, I will give unsolicited advice. I simply cannot help myself.  When necessary, I will tell you to see your doctor, and I will gently chide you when you do not.

Nursing is the reason I see things a bit differently from the average litigator whose eye is on getting into the courtroom and winning the battle. Like Stinson, I am a recovering litigator.  Since 2003, the bulk of my law practice has been medical malpractice defense work.  The majority of my other legal experience is within the sphere of healthcare, almost always representing healthcare providers in some way.  I love working with healthcare providers.  They are my people.  Over the last fifteen years I have tried my best to take care of them as they navigate the scary and contentious process of a lawsuit or Board investigation.  I have shared with them the great joy of winning and the devastation of losing a trial.  Increasingly, I’ve noticed a trend in medical malpractice cases – they are more contentious than ever before and many suits could have been avoided with better communication and early intervention. In many of these highly charged cases, the patient’s outcome was often not as bad as the way the situation was handled, or, in many cases, not handled.  Anger, disappointment, and confusion are often driving the suit.  I have also witnessed how difficult a suit or investigation can be on the provider personally, emotionally, and professionally.   The process is long.  The strain is great.  Some even proclaim they will leave the practice altogether.

As I witnessed these situations over and over, the words, “there has to be a better way” have been getting louder and louder.  This is what brought me to Linden Legal Strategies where one of my main services will be working with healthcare providers and their practices to develop strategies, policies, and procedures that will improve quality and patient experience, reduce risk and liability, increase efficiency and that will provide for care for the caregiver and patient alike when something goes wrong. Using my unique perspective as a former nurse and litigator, I’ll also help providers start, grow and protect themselves and their practices.

I am beyond excited to get started on this next chapter and look forward to redefining old relationships and creating new relationships.



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