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About Us

Our Story

Linden Legal Strategies is the brain child of C. Stinson Mundy. After litigating for almost a decade, helping businesses of all sizes solve problems, many of which were avoidable, she went in-house and served as General Counsel for a national transportation company. It was there she saw first-hand how vital it was for businesses to have a true legal partner, and the importance of a proactive, conversational approach. Realizing that all businesses should have access to general counsel services, Stinson left her in-house job and opened Linden Legal Strategies.

In 2018, Stinson expanded the team to include Cyndi Newsom, the firm’s operations manager and Tanner Pilcher, whose practice focuses on providing general counsel services to medical providers and allied healthcare providers. In a little over two years, Linden Legal Strategies has grown from Stinson’s kitchen island to a modern, innovative firm located in Richmond’s Arts District.

Our Clients

Our clients include consulting firms, medical practices, healthcare providers and allied healthcare providers, creative agencies, interior design firms, accounting firms, law firms, retail establishments and restaurants. While we work with all types of businesses, service-based businesses are our sweet spot.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to change the way businesses access legal services.

Linden Legal Strategies partners with our clients to educate and empower them to understand the legal aspects of running their businesses. We use a non-traditional approach – including value-based billing, cloud technologies, subscription services and strategic planning and problem solving – to protect our clients and provide piece of mind so they can do what they do best – run their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your clients?
Linden Legal Strategies works exclusively with established and growing startups, businesses and medical practices. Our clients include consulting firms, medical practices, healthcare providers, including allied health care providers, creative agencies, interior design firms, accounting firms, law firms, retail establishments and restaurants. While we work with all types of businesses, service-based businesses are our sweet spot.
How do you work?
There are three main ways in which we work with clients:

    1. Project Based: For one-off projects or smaller matters, we work on a per-project basis. We will work with you to determine the scope, provide a firm quote and then complete the work.


    1. Linden Legal Access: For businesses and healthcare practices with ongoing legal needs, we developed Linden Legal Access, a legal subscription service that provides you and your business with access to a dedicated attorney to answer all your legal questions. If your question requires additional work or turns into a project, you then receive a discount off the project-based fee.


  1. General Counsel Services: For businesses and healthcare providers that need more in-depth, ongoing legal services, we offer our all-inclusive General Counsel services. We handle all your legal needs for one monthly fee, often reducing your overall legal spend and providing you more in-depth legal services.

Regardless of the type of representation, our clients know their legal spend upfront.  No surprise invoices here.

What is value based billing?
Value-based billing is a type of flat fee billing based on the project type, the risk involved, the complexities and the value the project provides to the client.  Value-based billing is NOT derived using an hourly rate and multiplying it by the anticipated number of hours a given project will take to complete. Our approach allows for open communication, transparency and predictability – leading to greater client satisfaction and a true attorney-client partnership.
What types of projects do you handle?
We handle projects ranging from formation to contract drafting and negotiations, to purchasing and employment issues – in fact, we can handle most issues your business faces. Because we work exclusively with businesses, we do not assist with family law matters, trust and estate work, employee-side employment matters or traffic and criminal cases. We have a great network of attorneys who provide those services and are happy to provide referrals.
How will I be invoiced?
For project-based legal work, we require a 50% deposit with the remainder of the fee invoiced the following month. For large projects, we are happy to break the fees into smaller payments. For Linden Legal Access and General Counsel services, clients are invoiced monthly.