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Cyndi Newsom

A skilled operations expert.

Cyndi has worked in the legal services industry since the early 1980s, first as a legal secretary with a well-known large firm where she supported a labor law litigation team, then later moving into product liability. After years with the same firm, Cyndi left the legal world and moved into office management, serving as a middle school office manager in Hanover County, Virginia for 13 years. In her role, she honed not only her management skills, but her customer service skills (parents!). Cyndi was a proud part of the administrative team, supporting the principals and supervising staff, coordinating substitutes, and serving on the crisis team, among other duties. In 2007, Cyndi was voted the Support Employee of the Year.

In 2008, Cyndi returned to the legal world after the graduation of her youngest child, going back to the large firm where she’d been a member years prior. A year later, Cyndi joined a smaller law firm and quickly rose from a legal assistant to operations manager – performing both the duties of a legal assistant and managing HR, benefits and facilities.

During that time, Cyndi formed a tight professional relationship with fellow employee and attorney Stinson Mundy. Their relationship was built on a respect for Stinson’s work ethic and treatment of all – clients, colleagues and staff – equally. After Stinson left the firm to start Linden, the opportunity arose to join Stinson’s entrepreneurial-focused, creative team – and Cyndi was all in. As Operations Manager of Linden Legal Strategies PLLC, Cyndi  supports not only the needs of the attorneys, but helps clients as they grow, protect and navigate their business and life journey.

Cyndi lives in King William County and is a Richmond area native, living most of her life in Hanover. Family comes first, and her three adult children and three grandchildren provide her with incredible source of pride and joy. She also enjoys music, movies, home improvements, and travel.

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